Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


3.2.1 (pre-last version is 3.1.8)
— Added support for more cursor types
— Fixed a styling error on the Permissions Screen
— Integrated webcam support
— Improved performance on the Choose Screen
— Fixed automatic webcam playback after recording ends and when the editing window or a project opens
— Resolved the absence of microphone sound during playback
— Removed the ability to preview specific video frames by hovering over the timeline while the video is playing
— Fixed the disabling of certain options in Screen Format if the webcam wasn't recorded
— Addressed performance issues during recording caused by switching cursor types
— Corrected a slight inconsistency in the export of projects with webcam footage, which was hard to notice. This issue arose due to a mismatch between the duration of the video and the duration of the webcam footage.
— New touch cursor design
— Added speed presets for cursors
— Fixed a bug where the app requested camera access permission upon launch.
— Fixed automatic video playback and minor bugs in the timeline
— Restored the Speed option in Export settings.
— Improved application capture UX
— Fixed "cursor out of bounds" display issue
— Added the "Screen format" feature
— Fixed a bug where an empty video was displayed after recording on some AMD graphics cards
— Corrected the maximum Zoom Level value
— Added microphone support
— Fixed Motion Blur of cursor at high resolutions
— Added the ability to adjust the Motion Blur of the cursor
— Fixed incorrect shadow display
— Added the ability to adjust the shadow
— Reduced file size when exporting to GIF
— Minor UI improvements
Completely new physics for camera movement
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